Article I – Name

The name of this organization shall be the Ann Arbor Democratic Party, hereinafter called the Party.

Article II – Purpose

The Ann Arbor Democratic Party is dedicated to promoting Democratic values in the greater Ann Arbor area. We engage residents of the Ann Arbor area on issues that matter to our city, mobilize voters to elect Democratic candidates, discuss ballot issues, and work with our colleagues at the local, county, state, and national levels to advance a progressive and inclusive Democratic agenda.

Article III – Membership

1. Membership of the Ann Arbor Democratic Party is defined by residency in the Ann Arbor area, and identifying with the general mission of the Party.

2. The Executive Board of the Party shall make a good faith effort to engage members from each of the five wards and surrounding townships.

3. The Secretary and a minimum of one Vice-Chair shall have responsibility for maintaining the list of Party members.

4. There shall be no dues for Ann Arbor Democratic Party membership.

5. Precinct Delegates, Democratic Elected Officials, and Democratic nominees to partisan office from the immediately preceding electoral cycle, are automatically added to the membership list of the Party.

Article IV – Officers

1. The officers of the Party are elected at the annual meeting of the membership and shall consist of a Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer, two or more Vice-Chairs (one of whom shall serve as Vice-Chair for Organization), and the Immediate Past Chair of the Party.

2. Nomination and Election the Executive Board:

A. Executive Board elections shall be announced no later than the February meeting of the Party, or 30 days in advance of the March meeting if there is no February meeting.

B. Interested candidates must, via email or electronic submission, or other communication to the Chair, submit their name or have their name submitted into nomination.

C. In the March meeting notice, the Executive Board shall also notice the election and those candidates nominated to run.

D. At the March membership meeting, candidates seeking positions on the Executive Board must gain a 50% +1 majority of votes for the position they seek, if only one candidate can fill that position.

E. For Vice-Chair positions, multiple candidates may be elected, and the highest two vote getters shall be elected to serve as co-Vice-Chairs.

F. Nominations from the floor of the March Annual Meeting for any Executive Board office, must receive a ⅔ majority of votes from members present  in order to have their name placed into nomination and be considered for the position.

3. Vacancies in these offices shall be filled by action of the Executive Board. At the next Annual Meeting of the Party, a new officer to fill the unexpired term shall be elected by the process described in Article IV, Section 2.

4. Duties of officers:

A. The Chair is the chief executive officer of the Party and shall be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Party.

B. The Vice-Chair for Organization shall act as Chair in the absence of the Chair.

C. Additional Vice-Chairs shall have specific duties as defined by the Executive Board.

D. The Secretary shall keep minutes of all business meetings of the Executive Board and meetings of the Party, and shall arrange for correspondence as requested by the Chair.

E. The Treasurer shall receive and disburse funds of the Party and shall keep records of the same.

F. The above officers shall also have the duties defined by these bylaws, the Executive Board, and general party meetings.

Article V – Executive Board

1. The officers set forth in Article IV shall constitute the Executive Board.

2. The Executive Board, led by the Chair, shall carry on the business of the Party between general meetings.

A. All meetings of the Executive Board shall be open, with the privilege of debate but not vote, to any Party member.

B. A quorum of the Executive Board shall consist of a majority of the members of the Board.

C. It is the responsibility of the Executive Board to follow the best financial practices when making decisions or recommendations the the general membership in regards to the finances of the Party

Article VI – Annual Party Meetings

1. The Annual Meeting will be held in March.

2. The Executive Board shall notice the Annual Meeting at least one week prior to the meeting by mail, email, online communication, telephone, direct contact, or through local news media.

3. A quorum at the Annual Meeting is fifteen members.

Article VII – General Party Meetings

1. The Party will hold a general Party meeting at least once each quarter, the time and place of these meetings to be determined by the Chair

2. The Executive Committee shall notice all general Party meetings at least one week prior to the meeting by mail, email, online communication, telephone, direct contact, or through local news media.

3. A quorum is required to conduct Party business calling for a vote of the general membership.

4. A quorum for general Party meetings is fifteen members.

Article VIII – Notice of Resolutions

1. Notice of resolutions stating a Party position or changing the structure of the Party organization which will be presented at a general Party meeting must be given to members at least one week prior to the date of the meeting by mail, email, telephone, or direct contact; or it must be given at the immediately preceding general Party meeting.

2. If the notice required by Article VIII, Section 1 has not been given to the membership, the resolution may be introduced, but requires a 4/5 majority of those present and voting to pass.

ARTICLE IX – Endorsements

1. The Party will endorse no candidates in any primary elections or non-partisan elections where one or more candidates identify as Democrats. Individual Party members, officers, and other officials are free to support any candidate of their choice, but must not so act in the name of the Party, or in their official capacities.

2. In an uncontested primary, non-partisan election where there are fewer or equal to the number of candidates as there are vacant positions, or general election cycle, the Party may endorse candidates by a vote of the general membership.  The Executive Board will vet candidates and recommend endorsements to the general membership.

3. Endorsements requested by candidates shall be directed to the Chair, and the Executive Board for disbursement to and consideration by the entire membership of the Party.

ARTICLE X – Parliamentary Authority

Party meetings shall be conducted according to the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, unless these bylaws provide to the contrary.

ARTICLE XI – Amendments

Amendment may be made to these bylaws at any general Party meeting or Annual Meeting, providing the amendment has been previously submitted in writing at a general Party meeting, and there is a favorable vote of 2/3 of those members present and voting at the second meeting. The text of the proposed amendment shall be included in the notice of the second meeting.